Editing in Post Production

Post Production


Taking the picture is only half the job, as many pictures can be improved by using editing programs on a computer.

Normally a camera will take a jpeg picture as standard. This has been enhanced with colour and light already and is normally very good. However if you record RAW format the exact picture taking values are stored by the camera. You can use the standard  editor that came with your camera or any other program that can handle RAW to change  picture light and colour and improve it yourself. Many club members use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop .

Common things that get changed


 This lets you cut out a portion of the original to work on


Increase the size of the picture

Brightness and contrast

To lighten or darken the whole image

Dodge and Burn

To lighten or darken a specific area


Takes a sample of one area and lets you apply it to another area helps you remove items in the picture


Increases the detail

There are lots more but you have to work with your editor to get familiar with what they do.

Make a copy of the original and then you can edit the copy to see how

In the example below the picture was cropped to remove the blur and increase the bird in the frame. The colours were sharpened and the shadows below the wings lightened.