Main Camera Settings

All the settings below will also be explained in your camera manual.  

 A(Auto green)

Camera  does all settings. The camera works out the depth of field and speed and iso. It normally delivers a guaranteed shot.

Av     – Aperture Priority

You set the   depth of field  and iso , camera sets  time

This changes the Fstop value , remember the lower the value the  more the lens opens  giving more light but a shorter focal  distance

Average setting is f8 ,  portrait (f8) and landscape (f11)

The range of fstops you can use will depend on your lens

Tv     – Time Priority

You set shutter speed  ( length of time the shutter is open) and iso , camera sets aperture

Good for sports and wildlife and birds in flight.

The longer you leave the lens open the more movement you will record

So a moving sky in a landscape would be slow 1/30  .

Whereas a bird in flight would be fast 1/1250

Iso—leave on auto to start off with

The greater the ISO the better the light level recorded  but it is a digital enhancement so too high and your picture will become grainy due to noise


You set  aperture , time and iso so you need to understand how these controls work  together  and affect the picture before using it


These are predetermined values that would typically suit that type of picture(scene) and are a step up   from auto before doing the settings for yourself