Varying Fstop, shutter speed and Iso


Most cameras will show you the settings you are or have used when taking pictures

You can check what fstop , speed and iso in the viewfinder , liveview or image metadata

The follows examples are to help explain in pictures what effect these three controls have

Take a control picture using full Auto and write down the settings the camera used

Now using Manual mode change the camera to these settings and take it again It should look the same . Now do steps 1,2,3  and write down the settings after each

  1. Change the aperture(fstop) and alter the shutter speed to record the same picture
  2. Change the ISO and change the shutter speed to record the same picture
  3. Change the shutter speed and change the aperture(fstop) to record the same picture .
  4. Write down the settings for each in the table below

                        FSTOP                                 SPEED                                ISO

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3