Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an experienced photographer to join the club ?

We were all beginners once , so we try to help you by offering good speakers to inspire you and also from more experienced members to assist you. We normally help you  seeing what we are about by arranging a buddy to explain what is happening.

Do I have to enter all competitions ?

Competitions help to teach you about picture composition and camera technique. You don’t have to enter but if you do enter a picture you get feedback which you may agree or disagree with.

What sort of camera equipment do I need ?

Although most use digital SLR cameras from the usual names Canon, Nikon etc , including the newer mirrorlesss ones , however you can use mobile phone or drones as well.

Will I learn how to use my camera and do you offer any training courses ?

The main function of the club is to improve your photography mainly by reviewing your pictures. Camera technique is usually done by separate event training sessions and assumes a base level knowledge of you camera.

Can I try it out before becoming a member to see if I like it ?

Yes, you can start as a visitor to see if you like it and should you like it convert your payments into a full membership. You have to be a member to enter competitions though.