Gallery: Kevin Derbin Corona Virus Collection

Chalten or Mt Fits Roy Patagonia. Magic clouds Patagonia same mountain. Elevation 3550 plus meters to the summit, 2,300 to the cairn, overall trek 29 k, set out at 8.00am returned to hotel at 8pm heavy going up the track, very much worth the view when you arrived at the lake fed from the glacier. Day 5 and had to return because boarders to be closed to Argentina and the US, taxi, bus, local airline, american airlines and BA. BA left my bag in Philadelphia, eventually it was returned, thank you to the baggage handlers

Tut artefacts from this years exhibition, alabaster jars taken in situ with incidental lighting. some images members may find interesting.

All taken at the exhibition on a Z6, 24-70 lens no flash used, impressed with the range and quality of the camera, I think it is a great improvement over the sony mirrorless, early days yet though.